Founder, Aximsoft

For me it was always about business value... creating that kind of value remains central to every project I undertake.


Doug Sinclair

Partner, Pacific Arc Investments

the experience & talents of Kannan and aximsoft team, their ability to help shepherd a group through the evolution from concept to pilot to commercial offering…


Brian Altman

CTO, PsPrint

I’ve never seen a group with aximsoft's committed and passionate culture. From a small business point of view, what Kannan and aximsoft do is pretty unique...


David Xu

VP of Software Development, Xtime

For me, it’s all about developing that familiarity. The team at aximsoft is reliable, accountable, efficient and very productive. Plus, there is a very high level of trust. Those are the values that aximsoft offers, and that we share


Hillary Sinclair

Founder & Chief Wheesearcher

It was aximsoft team that helped through every part of the progress... They have been just as committed as we are...


Arup Barat

CEO, infiswift solutions

I’ve watched over many years of working with aximsoft team, how the company always adds strengths & evolves as they help their clients grow


Sarva Thulasingam

CEO, infiswift technologies

aximsoft has worked with us to create a powerful solution for our customer... I just have a lot of faith in aximsoft...


Mark Alioto

CEO & Founder - Revshop

I cannot imagine a more perfect business partner. They listen. They make things happen. They make you happy. But - and this is very important…


Anil Arige

Manager of Software Engineering, Xtime

To guarantee the complex software works flawlessly in serving more than 8,000 dealerships in Europe, Australia & North America, Xtime entrusts on aximsoft


Priya Rangaswamy

Co-Founder/COO, aximsoft

Kannan & I are so proud of the family we have built at aximsoft & the values we stand up for. We are so excited for the future of the company...


Karthick Rangaswamy

Executive VP, aximsoft

It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved for years be it employees, clients, vendors or the company itself...


Pushpa Balaji

VP Engineering, aximsoft

aximsoft is a place created & nourished with talent, job skills & hard work, where truly great software can and will evolve. Our motto is to conquer the technology & bring it to our customers & increase their value…


Our Team

We rise by lifting others...


The price of anything is the amount of life you exchange for it

With Aximsoft, get a reliable technology partner without compromising your stake. Leverage our team's strong business acumen and inventive technology to fuel your success. Your aspiring ideas require impeccable execution.

Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.

Our experts build robust and scalable design solutions that deliver the best user experience. We always start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology.

The first step to getting somewhere is to not to stay where you are

We keep ourselves in the bleeding edge of the technology. Transformational ideas require disruptive technology. We are on top of Data science, Artificial intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Internet of things.

Do what you like. Like what you do

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Penny saved is penny earned

How does free cloud services worth upto $20K for two years sound?

Aximsoft as a startup enabler aims to boost our partners’ innovation and growth by leveraging our collaboration and partnership with major cloud service providers to save you some.

Having loads of money doesn't make things better, spending it smart does

Our expert centralized teams are always available as shared resources for the fraction of their cost.

Presence is more than just being there

What can be better than having a good technology partner? Aximsoft can be the angel investor you were looking for. We open up access to the strong investor network that we built over the years. We help validate your product idea, strategy, growth metrics, investor pitches and our team will help you connect with right investors.

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot

We understand Time to Market is money. For startups, speed means everything. Our agile and focused execution process helps release products faster while ensuring value creation from design to production.

What gets measured, gets managed

Our data driven product development ideology helps steer product evolution in the right direction. Actionable insights at every level. We build robust data platforms, then dig deep to get the most valuable insights.

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Strategy is not a consequence of planning but the opposite: it's the starting point

We help define and refine product ideas across all platforms by brainstorming with your team. We partner with you to understand your long term strategy and help define progressive steps and strategies to get there.

Innovation is the only sustainable competitive advantage a company can have

Aximsoft helps push the limits of what's possible. We research, collaborate and innovate to put the latest technologies work for you.

If agile is not challenging you then its probably not really agile

Aximsoft follows extreme agile software development process. Progressively improving a product requires a lot of flexibility and maturity. Agile is part of Aximsoft's DNA.

We rise by lifting others

100+ engineers with an average tenure of 6+ years with Aximsoft since 2005. Luxury of access to 100K fresh engineers every year. Attrition rate less than 5 percentage. Microsoft Gold Partners and Amazon Cloud Partners. 11 startups, 4 enterprises and 6 small business and growing clientele. Exceptional technologists who bring strong business acumen, solid design knowledge and creative brilliance to any project.

We are not a team because we work together. We are a team because we respect, trust and care for each other

With Aximsoft you are hiring a team rather than a group of engineers. Rapid elasticity, scalability and security is not just for cloud computing, Leverage the same benefits for resources with our unique business model.

Your largest fear carries your greatest growth

We'll jump in whenever, wherever, however you need us. Our team focuses on delivering well-designed products and supporting you throughout the product lifecycle. That is what drives your success and your success is what drives us.

Great ideas need landing gear as much as wings

Aximsoft has a strong history working with startups and sensitive intellectual property. Our methods of execution and strict internal security measures protects your Intellectual property to the highest order.

The chicken is only an egg's way of making another egg

Aximsoft facilitates startups to build the future. Our incubation program is conceptualized to bring ideas to life and to be always with you through the startup lifecycle. We strive to build extraordinary technology products and solutions that drive some of the brightest ideas and innovations in this smarter world.

It's not the idea,
it's never the idea,
it's always
what you do with it

we take your ideas forward...


Founder, aximsoft

Kannan, founder of aximsoft, discovered early on the foundational elements of his approach to creating and building technologies: listen, add value, innovate, and nurture people and projects at every step along the way.

He started his first business at 19 with a friend, a flourishing screen-printing business in India that he launched with their pooled resources.

The manufacturer of a machine used in printing asked him to bid on the production of a small logo insert piece for the machine. Kannan quoted a price five times greater than did any of his competitors, and the client was curious about how he arrived at that figure.

Kannan explained that the value was not just in the piece itself, but in the importance of having the highest quality piece as the identifying label for his machine and his company, perhaps the one signature item most people would notice and recall. Kannan got the order and the project proved highly profitable.

“For me it was always about business value, even back then,” he says. “I charged for the added business value, based on making for him the highest quality product which carries his business identity. Creating that kind of value remains central to every project I undertake.”

Just one year into printing, his father insisted that he forget business and continue to focus on education. A subsequent manufacturing venture fizzled in the absence of funding. As he was pursuing his master’s degree he developed a deep passion for applied electronics and assembly language programming. Kannan recalls, “the roots for my startup (infiswift) started way back in my college days”. In 1994 at the age of 21, Kannan began to learn about software and coding, in classes and on his own.

By the time he came to work as a Peoplesoft consultant, Kannan had a reputation as a savvy software engineer. The company put him to work in database development, a position that led to his work in customer relationship management – and a move that would prove crucial as he consulted with a range of established companies and startups.

His work with three ahead-of-their-time startups -- in VoIP, mortgages and currency exchange – preceded his consulting position at E*TRADE as that company morphed from the simple trading of shares to a more comprehensive customer services entity. Working closely with the company’s team, he essentially designed and built their mutual fund advice software’s database.

While working the 6 AM to 1 PM East Coast hours with Ernst & Young, Kannan found his afternoons free, and his intense curiosity about possibilities and opportunities brought his attention to a small Oakland printing company, PsPrint.

“They were a small company,” Kannan recalls, “but I saw the huge potential. I realized that if they spent all their money on an expensive silicon valley firm and its engineers in order to grow, they’d be losing a huge percentage of the revenue they could otherwise pour back into the business and spend on hiring local people – and thus adding value.”

PsPrint CTO Brian Altman saw the promise in the expansive future Kannan imagined for the company, and they set about together to build the software and the framework for a web-focused printing company. That relationship marked the beginning of aximsoft, in 2005, and PsPrint, a company with a nearly non-existent tech presence, grew to be one with a strong web to print presence ... strong enough to be acquired by Deluxe in 2014.

“I brought one guy in India to help me,” Kannan says, “and today, as we have grown organically and worked with more and more startups, we now have over 120 people working on various projects in our office in Coimbatore, India.”

Since that beginning in 2005, aximsoft has worked as a co-founder in the creation of software, systems and related services for several companies. In 2008 Priya joined aximsoft full-time as COO to take the small organic company to a bigger corporation. Her process and approach of “process should run the company and executives should only manage exceptions” made aximsoft one of the best process-driven and geographically diverse company.

He credits the Indian team and Karthick, Executive VP for much of the company’s success, praising them for not only their dedication, but for how they have fostered and retained a culture devoted to working hard for their client companies. He is proud of how some of the earliest employees of the company have created a sense of family at aximsoft, nurturing each other and growing with the company.“We have helped create the first job for so many people. At the end of the day that is what gives me the most satisfaction” Kannan says. aximsoft has had an attrition rate of less than 5% since its inception in 2005, a feat unheard in the software development business.

As Kannan’s colleague Doug Sinclair says: “Sometimes you get this sense, you just feel, that they know the business as well as the owner does.”.

With his Indian staff so committed and focused, Kannan and his San Ramon team are constantly looking for that next field of exploration, scouting for those areas in which technology has not yet been leveraged to its fullest.

In 2013, Kannan and the aximsoft team started work on creating a powerful, flexible platform for IoT, for building a scalable and secure platform that can connect any device over any network. The idea was incubated at aximsoft, with development of the core technology and proof of concept. Kannan’s meetings with investor Doug Sinclair led to Kannan filling out further his already well-developed plan, to thinking it through to its fullest form.

“Those conversations with Doug were crucial,” Kannan says. “They were the key to my taking the idea to the ultimate. I came back six months later with the complete roadmap for Infiswift.”

With some seed money in hand, they set the ambitious goal of growing the company to a $45M valuation within one year. After 12 months, the company was valued at $60M — a leap in value that is testament to the value of thinking big when the idea demands.

In his latest project, aspiricx, Kannan is working with a famed Olympic champion swimmer on a technology that will use Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Mixed Reality concepts to improve athletic performance.

“Swimming is only the beginning,” says Kannan, who became interested in swimming as he watched his young son learn the sport and start to compete. “There’s no reason that the model we are building won’t translate to gathering data and improving performance in almost every sport.”

Doug Sinclair

Partner, Pacific Arc Investments

With nearly thirty years of experience as a CFO and private technology investor, Doug Sinclair is intimately familiar with the exuberance... sometimes irrational... of a startup’s beginnings, that superheated phase in which energies can obscure the promise -- and the pitfalls -- of a nascent company.

In seeking ways to mitigate some of these early risks, he holds a special regard for the experience and talents of Kannan D. R. and the aximsoft team, and their ability to help shepherd a group through the evolution from concept to pilot to commercial offering. His confidence is evidenced by many start ups and development companies, he has introduced to aximsoft in the past and continues to do so even now.

I have found, Sinclair explains, that
"Kannan is one of those rare people who delivers what he says, and you really feel that he shares your pain and stress in overcoming hurdles. He is more than a partner; he and his team are an extension of his company clients."

The two had crossed paths many times over the years, first meeting when Sinclair was serving as CFO of another company that already had a long and deep relationship with Kannan..

What Sinclair has found consistently impressive about Kannan and his aximsoft team, since that first encounter, is their clear focus and dedication at every stage of development, how they jump in and work with a company not only in the initial phase but also follow through diligently in the ongoing development and growth of the enterprise.

As Sinclair explains the difference: “In addition to that commitment, both Kannan and his team are flexible and agile in many ways that their peers are not: from how their fees are structured to how they coordinate the development process. Many outsourced development efforts fail because of poor communications. That is not an issue with aximsoft. They understand the challenges of a startup, and are attuned to the needs, concerns and weaknesses of their clients. As such, they thrive where the bigger players often fall flat.”

But for Sinclair, he thinks aximsoft’s uniquely caring culture is what makes the difference.

“I sometimes think they feel they work directly for the client,” he says, offering particular praise for the team in India. “Because sometimes you get this sense, you just feel, that they know the business as well as the owner does and, more importantly, will willingly make personal sacrifices...forgoing vacations for example...if schedules or deadlines must be met."

Brian Altman

CTO, PsPrint

In 2005, when Brian Altman was asked by investors to assess the potential of a small printing business in Oakland, he couldn’t have known that he would form an enduring relationship — both business and personal — with an accomplished database architect, Kannan D.R.

Altman had seen the opportunity for growth in PsPrint, but the technology in place was basic, bootstrapped and in need of reinvention. So, with the help of a recruiter he found just the skilled database and software partner he knew he needed.

“Kannan came to PsPrint,” Altman recalls, “and very quickly, within an hour, offered his technical assessment : ‘very, very bad.’ We hit it off right away, and there began what became much more than a partnership.”

From that moment, too, the reimagining of PsPrint and the building of aximsoft developed in a uniquely harmonious parallel.

“Kannan hired one guy,” says Altman, who served as CTO of PsPrint. “And though most of the work was done remotely in India, it was very beneficial that Kannan was close by. We spent lots of time strategizing about where the business was going and where we wanted it to go, about what made sense and what didn’t.”

Altman admits that his friendship with and respect for Kannan make it hard for him to be fully objective, but he is certain that theirs was a quantifiably successful collaboration, from the start in 2005 right through to the sale of PsPrint to Deluxe in 2014.

"Kannan helped me grow the business in a very measurable way,” Altman says. “We were able to demonstrate continued growth and continued market share progress. Our gross margins were 50 percent, a number that is all but unheard of in the printing business."

They grew the company profitability tenfold without any external investment.

But beyond Kannan’s clear technical expertise and imagination, Altman appreciated his focus on creating value, business and personal.
“Kannan was the kind of partner who could work with a limited budget and still add value,” Altman says. “He is patient and understands the importance of long term investment for the growth of the business.”

And when it came to the people that are aximsoft, Altman says he never had to worry about things being always done right, on time and in good humor.

“Kannan hires people in his own image,” he says, “meaning people who share his passion and ideals in addition to having the necessary training and talents. There is any number of places you can go for outsourcing, many with bright and talented people. But I’ve never seen a group with aximsoft's committed and passionate culture. From a small business point of view, what Kannan and aximsoft do is pretty unique.”

David Xu

VP of Software Development, Xtime

Managing the entire service experience for over 8,000 US and European auto dealerships is a complex and layered enterprise, and Redwood City company Xtime depends on aximsoft for its important quality assurance testing and maintenance.

“Xtime is all about managing the car experience,” says David Xu, vice-president for software development at the company -- a part of the Cox Automotive group and its parent Cox Enterprises, Inc. “We have created an entire ecosystem for the whole of the customer experience. Our software works to schedule customers’ check ins, track inspections, collect payments, advise of follow up appointments and schedule subsequent appointments. The software suite also includes various marketing tools that aide dealers in developing and retaining customers. We manage that entire ecosystem.”

Today, Xtime is the overwhelming player in this automotive service space and credits aximsoft in helping them constantly update and fine tune the software suite and get the company to that leadership position.

Time is crucial in this market, and Xu has seen huge improvement in the turnaround times for validating any changes to the systems, noting that it used to take several days to run testing of the entire suite. aximsoft has been instrumental in optimizing the code and the framework and getting things done fast and accurately.

Geography also plays a distinct and positive role in the work relationship, with one example being how aximsoft’s offshore location in India is a huge and timely help to Xtime’s staff.

“We can send files off to aximsoft in India at the end of our work day,” Xu explains, “and when we come back in the morning the reports are done and in our office. The logistics really work for us.”

Xu says he can’t stress strongly enough the importance of automation given today’s fast pace of software development and maintenance.

“There is a huge overall push for quality assurance automation,” he says, “in which QA is managed not via menu but rather is automated. aximsoft has really helped is in the area of automation.”

Just three years ago Xtime had very little automation, with perhaps about ten percent of their testing of customer service scenarios automated. Today over 80 percent of their scenario testing is automated, with perhaps 85 to 90 percent being the ultimate maximum.

To date, aximsoft has not been involved with the development part of the Xtime software systems; Xtime handles that in-house. But as the Xtime staff grows more and more comfortable working together with the aximsoft team, understanding their capabilities, Xu says it’s possible that aximsoft’s participation can extend to other areas -- for example, product support.

After three year of working with the aximsoft team, Xu effuses about the two companies’ working relationship.

“For me,” he says, “it’s all about developing that familiarity. The team at aximsoft is reliable, accountable, efficient and very productive. Plus there is a very high level of trust. Those are the values that aximsoft offers, and that we share.”

Hillary Sinclair

Founder & Chief Wheesearcher

For over a decade, Hillary Sinclair had puzzled over the dilemma shoppers face when they are searching for the beauty products that are just right for them. Seeing how the array of products was growing at a dizzying pace, in stores and on the internet, she was convinced there had to be a better way to help guide shoppers through the thicket of inferior products. She was determined to build a focused, unified -- and always current -- way to give makeup lovers the tools to find exactly what they need.

Sinclair knew the answer would be in the form of a high quality online presence, a trusted place where consumers could research those products, get advice, and tailor their product selections to the distinctive qualities of their skin.

So in early 2016, ready to move from long-simmering idea to reality, she launched her startup “Wheesearch” with the help of a small but talented staff. As the team developed and refined the concept, she and their CTO, Chandra Nagaraja, quickly recognized that the time had come to find an experienced software and IT partner to guide them to the market. As she began to scout for that company, she did not have to go far at all to get a solid referral.

“My husband Doug had worked with Kannan over the years in many capacities” she says. “Theirs is a positive and seasoned relationship. We were very fortunate in never having to consider any other companies” By July they were in meetings with Kannan and his team, and by September the two teams were working closely together.

“The aximsoft team has been our key, crucial partner from the beginning,” she says, “a direct and amazing partner. They have helped us take the pieces that were not well defined and define them, give them shape.”

Sinclair recalls how, early on, the team’s user experience colleague developed a lot of information and ideas and elements, all important and useful, but as they worked along they discovered just how many gaps there were between the design and the actual user experience. It was the aximsoft team that helped them through every part of the process, bridging the two, analyzing all the pieces and parts.

“We had endless weekly meetings,” she says, “and often daily meetings, to work through the details. Often they worked nights and weekends to solve a problem with this piece or that. They all jumped in wholeheartedly and have gotten down into the guts of it all with us. It was never like the aximsoft team was on the clock. They have been just as committed as we are to providing the best possible product and experience for women, and also for men.”

To convey just how committed the team is to them, Sinclair cited a moment from last year when Wheesearch did a campaign for National Lipstick Day. “The whole team did a video with the team members holding up lipsticks and smiling and clearly having a great time.”And in case you’re curious about the catchy and lively company name, look no further than to another member of the Sinclair family, five-year-old Callum.

“I had been trying to find the right name but it was my then-4-year-old son who came up with it. As we would walk around or drive around he would see something that caught his eye or that he liked and he would say ‘whee!’”

The upbeat exclamation became such a constant refrain that Sinclair realized it expressed the kind of excitement she felt for her vision, and that she wanted to build for her new company.

“Wheesearch is all about creating a way for people to find the perfect product or beauty videos. We do not sell beauty products. Rather, Wheesearch is all about people finding the beauty products that work for them.”

“Sinclair says that the site’s focus and value is in their engagement with the video bloggers – the vloggers – who will vet and comment candidly on products. By giving vloggers a platform that will yield attention and revenue for them, we will be gathering valuable information about visitors to the site, learning how they search and what they find and how they respond to and hopefully follow the vloggers. Knowing more about what is important or really matters will help us and will also provide a way for the vloggers to make the brands better. We want the brands to be better because one thing we know is that there truly is a lot of terrible products out there.”

Arup Barat

CEO, infiswift solutions

With over 16 years experience in the clean energy and tech fields, infiswift solutions CEO Arup Barat has worked in and around innumerable startups. He knows how many moving parts and support people and outsourcing firms can be involved as an idea evolves to become a product.

And having worked with many globally distributed teams, he says that working with aximsoft makes for a distinctly different and integrated experience.

“We know it’s not always easy,” he says, “to effectively partner with groups on the other side of the world. The typical model is to fly in and fly out.”

But for Arup and his infiswift colleagues, aximsoft is something altogether different and better, far from simply an efficient outsourcing company.

“The aximsoft team has this unique ability to understand the whole context of a project, to get the whole picture,” he says. “That’s something hard to do and to communicate, and it’s extremely useful. They are always co-innovating with you and rising to every challenge, and they make themselves always available and they accommodate the customer’s needs. They become an extension of our teams.”

He has also watched over his many years of working with aximsoft teams how that company always adds strengths and evolves as they help their clients grow.

Arup recalls a project he watched unfold while working as an executive in a previous firm, a solar enterprise, and he sees that experience as emblematic of how aximsoft’s team members dedicate themselves to the client.

“It was a tech focused company, a solar company.” he says, “and they were looking to develop some specific tools to use in growing a new line of business. The need arose to develop a software tool and we felt we weren’t making sufficient progress in-house. So we went to aximsoft to bring in people to work with the in-house team. We immediately got great talent coming in to do the project. But because they had zero solar experience, there was a tremendous amount of skepticism from some of the staff, a certain unease about the fact that the aximsoft people were not experts in the field.”

But one aximsoft employee, Pushpa, changed all that. “He came in and quickly took full ownership of understanding the specific requirements of what the company needed,” Arup says. “He was on site, embedded. He ate lunch and dinner with the team and he was in on the calls and he took walks and talked with them to really understand the need and goal. He and all of aximsoft went way above and beyond to truly understand the line of business and to develop the right software tool.”

The software aximsoft developed became an essential tool for the company and remains so today.

Sarva Thulasingam

CEO, infiswift technologies

Nearly two decades of experience in intense tech environments have given infiswift technologies CEO Sarva Thulasingam a very evolved sense of what constitutes quality and performance in a partner.

After two years of working with an aximsoft team, Thulasingam says he can offer an unqualified thumbs up on the company’s staff and execution.

“For me,” Thulasingam says, “aximsoft has never been just a vendor, never just an outsourcing entity. They have always gone beyond in every way and we are really like one team. It’s an amazing collaboration between the two companies. That’s what makes aximsoft so different”.

In addition to overseeing the development and operations of infiswift’s core IoT platform and its related apps, along with the devices that power the infiswift ecosystem, Thulasingam is also responsible for strategy and growth initiatives for the startup. And, he says, aximsoft’s team has also contributed to those efforts in ways large and small.

Thulasingam cites one example of just how complete and comprehensive a role aximsoft has played in teaming up to develop IoT solution. aximsoft helped in the design and development of the early stage proof of concepts for a solution before they helped to build a comprehensive IoT driven solution in the complex arena of farm management.

“It’s a lot to keep track of in managing farms in real time,” Thulasingam says, “and something that’s incredibly complex -- overseeing and managing all the various pieces, people and assets, in real time. Our desire is to develop and constantly improve an app that puts all that data and all those resources in the customers’ hands. Agriculture is an important business vertical for infiswift and aximsoft has worked with us to create a powerful solution for our customer.”

It’s that kind of foresight, planning and design that make Thulasingam so positive about close association with aximsoft.

“I just have a lot of faith in aximsoft,” he says.

Mark Alioto

CEO & Founder, Revshop

Mark Alioto, CEO and founder of revshop, has been involved with the printing industry on a large scale for decades, focusing on business printing, which still is a critical need for all types of companies. Having bought and sold software and printing companies, and having sold a billion dollars of print services, Alioto knows the industry and its problems. For years, he has sought a path to a modern technological solution, but says nothing has come to the marketplace that advances beyond the current technologies.

“It’s an almost trillion-dollar industry,” he says, “but amazingly it’s one that has not been re-engineered for print buyers to take advantage of the newest technologies. It’s been clear for a very long time that the system is broken, and the industry had wrestled for years with how to advance it.”

With an eye to a fix, Alioto bought a Canadian software company. But after a few years he realized that regardless of any tweaks they made, the company’s proprietary software simply couldn’t get them to the product he envisioned. Alioto knew he needed to find a partner who could grasp and share the vision, and who had the skills and staff to create the technology.

Alioto says he knew that after meeting with aximsoft CEO Kannan D.R, he realized he had finally met the partner he’d been looking for to make the vision a reality.

“When we met with Kannan to help us figure out how to create a new platform for revshop, “Alioto recalls, “we knew it was a fit, that our cultures were aligned, and when we started working with him and his team I knew they had the experience and the skills to crack the code.”

aximsoft created a strategy for building the system, and together with revshop’s industry experts, they built a new platform that incorporates millions of pieces of data and the other key system elements needed to create the new platform. It was built to be scalable, modular and forward thinking, and had to address Alioto’s goal of allowing print buyers to do sophisticated printing without being an expert.

“It all comes down to the culture when you have a business partner,” Alioto says,” and we are aligned culturally. Kannan and his team are the Jedi Knights of companies who do what they do, and in the field they are unique. They truly want to know everything they can about what we do and what we want to achieve, and they work very hard to enhance that vision.”

“I cannot imagine a more perfect business partner,” Alioto adds. “They listen. They make things happen. They make you happy. But – and this is very important – they have added valuable insights and technical strategy to ensure our platform is truly revolutionary. They are not just an IT body-shop.”

Anil Arige

Manager of Software Engineering, Xtime

“Whenever you have your car serviced, especially at the dealership where you purchased it, Spectrum software from Xtime has likely made your service experience smooth and seamless.”

Xtime, a part of the Cox Automotive group and parent Cox Enterprises, Inc., provides a range of sophisticated software products that allow dealership service departments around the world to give quality service and to ensure customer retention.

To guarantee that their complex software works flawlessly in serving more than 8,000 dealerships in Europe, Australia and North America, Xtime entrusts on aximsoft.

“We build products that improve the ownership experience,” says Anil Argie , manager of software engineering at Xtime’s offices in Redwood City. “Our customers are dedicated in providing great service, and that’s why it’s so great working with aximsoft, because they too are totally dedicated in serving their clients.”

“The majority of the Xtime software applications in use have been developed by Xtime,” he says, “but aximsoft is an essential partner.

“We are constantly creating endless scenarios that test the systems, and once we are happy with the app, the aximsoft team automates it using open source tools with Java. With aximsoft as a partner, we are always able to count on consistent quality and stability, both pre-release and after.”

Xtime’s test cases are crucial in constantly checking the stability and reliability of the various applications, which include programs for appointment scheduling, multipoint inspections, control of the service lanes, and ongoing promotion and targeted marketing.

The “after” is just as important as the launch of any new release. Anil and the aximsoft team leaders in India coordinate closely, consulting multiple times daily to monitor the systems.

The team in Coimbatore in Southern India currently numbers five dedicated staff with more to be added. An additional Xtime location in Bolivia is dedicated to development and quality assurance, and together the three global locations assure nearly around-the-clock support.

“aximsoft has always given us complete confidence that the services they provide throughout the process will be stable and reliable,”

Anil explains, adding that Xtime and aximsoft continue to work together as new enhancements are tested, approved and passed along to the Indian team for automation.

Priya Rangaswamy

Co-Founder / COO, aximsoft

Aximsoft for me, is all about setting values and character and driving business success by standing up for what we always believed in - putting human and business values above all else.

Aximsoft started out in a small way as an extension of the project Kannan was driving. In less than a year as founders, Kannan and I realized things were getting big and we need more structure. That is when I started playing an active role setting up process and structure to help scale the company.

Aximsoft has always been about innovation. With Kannan leading from the front, there is never a shortage of innovative ideas. I had the luxury of being in the backend of the operations and choosing between the best and the better ideas.

From the initial stages, we had a strong conviction and vision to work on things and with people where we can add business value. aximsoft today as it stands is so much because of the projects we said YES to but even more so because of the NOs we have said.

When we say aximsoft is an organically grown company, we mean financially too. We always believed in reinvesting in the company's growth and more so in growing the people who make the company strong. Our discipline in the Opex and reinvesting for growth has not only kept us financially self-sustained but also helped us stick to our core values and stand up for what we believe in.

Kannan and I are so proud of the family we have built at aximsoft and the values we stand up for. We are so excited for the future of the company as we kick-start the next phase. The last couple of years has seen new startups spin out from aximsoft and we look forward to many more with aximsoft as a mothership.

Karthick Rangaswamy

Executive VP, aximsoft

My journey with aximsoft began few years after it’s inception in 2005. I started as a database engineer helping Kannan on his projects. Soon Kannan, Priya and I realized a great potential for aximsoft to grow. Ever since, we started putting together expertise, processes and structure, we achieved greater heights at aximsoft.

Aximsoft’s success so far is an accolade to the team’s focus and urge to abide to founding values of the company, putting innovation first. It was set very clear from day one, aximsoft offers innovative and pathbreaking technology solutions in every possible way and not being just another code manufacturing company. We’ve always emphasized on adding business value in every single step along the way.

I personally admire the fact that aximsoft over the years have never remained just a profit or revenue focused company but giving equal importance to employees has always been one of the foremost driving principles. We strongly believe that “we rise by lifting others”.

When it comes to choosing the right clients, aximsoft has a right formula and it is truly collaborative engagement with all our clients. This has never been a one-way traffic, when it comes to developing technology products and solutions. Traditionally companies in such an industry instinctively follow client’s instruction and requirements to the book, not adding much value to the overall business engagement. aximsoft ensures, both clients and aximsoft have equal footage in terms of product ideas and technology, thereby adding maximum value along the way.

“It’s truly a win-win situation for everyone involved for years be it employees, clients, vendors or the company itself. ”

Pushpa Balaji

VP Engineering, aximsoft

aximsoft is a place created and nourished with talent, job skills and hard work - where truly great software can and will evolve.

Our motto is to conquer the technology and bring it to our customers and increase their value in the market.

We have an approach to software development in which ideas, designs, and development thoughts can freely flow among engineers, creating more probability of successful products.

Not all great software has been done by huge organizations. They usually start with a handful of dedicated, focused, visionary software developers. We at aximsoft definitely identify ourselves as just that kind of group.

We rise by lifting others